Overnight PPT Production Service

On-Demand Production improves Speed and Quality while saving you Time

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Reasons to Select Our Powerpoint Production Service

Turn hand-drawns into crisp powerpoint slides at $20/hr. Improve quality and productivity!

    • Consulting slide experts: Alumni from McKinsey’s Visual Graphics India. Our core competency is corporate/ consulting slide production.
    • Ability to scale: 40+ graphic designers across two shifts, 5 days a week (weekends available if pre-booked).
    • Overnight specialists: Process designed with minimal need for communication
    • Affordable: On-demand slide production with trained designers at $20/hr (benchmark 3 medium-complexity slides/hr). Avoid expensive “design” services for straightforward production
    • No lock-in or setup cost: Pay as you go on a per hour basis
    • Free trial: Try before you buy with our 5 slide free trial

    Free yourself to focus on high value work (or better things in your life) vs. slide production

    Thank you for considering our Outsourced PPT Production Service

    Here are some of the types of services we offer.

    Convert Hand-drawn Slides into Produced PPT

    Are you a trained slide-creator who is able to quickly create slides on paper?

    Our graphics designers save you time while improving the quality of your output. Most trained slide creators can outline slides on paper in minutes, but lack the time and/or graphic design tools to turn these into professional quality output. Our team can help by:

    • Saving time: Most trained slide makers can sketch out slides in minutes, but the actual creation can take 2-5X as long. Get that time back and focus on high-value activities that require your expertise…let us handle the production for you.
    • Capturing more detail: Many valuable pieces of information can be lost due to the friction in documenting information. Our team makes it easy for your notes or a quick sketch of issues/ hypotheses / processes to turn into valuable reference material or discussion slides
    • Increasing daily output: Utilize our team’s overnight turnaround and 16×5 work week to drop off slides and get them back the next day. Let us help your team accomplish more in each 24 hour day by working while you sleep.
    • Improving graphical quality: We offer an on-demand team of skilled graphics designers, who can make custom images and leverage graphical tools. Bring distinctive and sharp visuals to differentiate from those limited to SmartArt.

    Reformat Existing Slides to a new Template

    Have slides from an old deck that need to move to an updated corporate template or a new client template?

    Our team is often used to handle this conversion, whether its only a few slides or if it’s hundreds. Our team can help by:

    • Enabling Scaled Transitions: We can deploy resources to enable your organization to transition seamlessly to new formats in days or weeks, without the distractions of taking people away from their day jobs and ongoing initiatives
    • Creating a Standards Gatekeeper: We know its hard to coach a distributed group of people on the fine points of the company’s style guide. Instead, we can become the gatekeeper for your organization. You can manage our team to work off the approved corporate template and style guide and let us catch (and fix) all of the variations that will enable your team to orient around the new standard
    • Quickly Deploy Proprietary Materials to Client projects: We provide an on-demand resource that enables your teams to quickly create materials in client templates. Make a great impression in the first few weeks of a project by tailoring existing materials to client needs in their template

    Capture Whiteboard Content

    Like to use whiteboards for brainstorming or workshops?

    We’ve all seen great thinking poured into whiteboards or flip-easels that then disappear because nobody has time to take down all these notes. Our service can make sure you capture every visual and every word, simply by snapping pictures and sending the output to us! Useful for:

    • Brainstorming meetings
    • Issue identification/ hypothesis testing
    • Workshops
    • Thinking while pacing/ standing up

    Visual Upgrade

    Have simple slides that need to be upgraded?

    We offer a specialist team that can take pedestrian graphics and turn them into something much more visually compelling.

    Leverage our service to upgrade key slides for:

    • Brochures/ Materials
    • Board or C-level Presentations
    • Speeches/ Extermal Presentations