Top 5 reasons to outsource Powerpoint production

Do you spend a lot of time creating powerpoint and organizing information for your company or clients?

Powerpoint can be a great tool to do so…and outsourcing production of powerpoint makes it even better!

So here’s 5 reasons why you might want to outsource Powerpoint production:

  1. Save time on low-value tasks: Do you want to focus on telling the story and getting the facts you need or keying them into your computer and making the formatting and other elements right?  Outsourcing Powerpoint allows me to maximize my time by generating insights and getting organizations aligned…I get back all those hours where I’m moving lines around, keying in my notes, getting formats right, and resizing text to fit in boxes.  This allows me to get more done in the time saved, or get out of the office.
  2. Expand the work-day: If you’re in the Western hemisphere, outsourcing overnight powerpoint production allows you to drop-off work at the end of the day and pick it up the next morning.  Hours of graphics support, powerpoint creation, edits to charts, re-creating slides on new templates…all can be done while you sleep to give you a great head-start on the next day’s tasks
  3. Improve your presentation quality: A good graphic designer familiar with consulting formats can allow you to express your ideas in a format that enhances the way your ideas come across
  4. Save money: People’s time is expensive– whether its yours, the people working with you, or the people who bill you on an hourly rate (e.g., consultants).  Why not use a service that will be more productive and charge a lower rate?
  5. Capture better notes: Have a number of notes that get lost in your notebook or folder?  Have a great brainstorming session that will get erased off of a flip-chart or whiteboard?  Why not take a picture/ copy the elements and then send them over to get those notes/ pictures into your records?
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