About OutsourcedPPT a service by Goel Insights

Vijay goel headshot

Vijay is a former McKinsey consultant and Principal at Goel Insights, a consulting and innovation firm.

After leaving McKinsey, Vijay found himself engaged in startup and client work that filled more than the hours available in the day. At the same time, the people he was working with tended to have less training/ prioritization on focus and structure than the consulting teams at McKinsey.

How does one create even more as an individual while having fewer trained resources?

Hiring wasn't an option...the “spiky” workflow made it impossible to keep one person busy while it was slow and have only one person when deadlines loomed.

Continuing to do his own slides made no sense...he was wasting a lot of time formatting and editing powerpoint– which was frustrating and a low value use of time.

What he needed was the same service he had before — and he needed it available on demand, so it would adjust to the spikes and valleys in his PPT workload.

Vijay found a group of former McKinsey resources paralleling the services he had used at McKinsey -- an overseas India shop focused on overnight production, a more creative shop focused on higher end visual design elements, and a group of former McKinsey communications and consulting professionals.

We now offer a suite of services that enable you to take advantage of the same efficiencies and talent that big consulting firms have in their slide production.

Please let Vijay know if you’d like to discuss outsourcing powerpoint production, help in creating the right story for your management team, health reform/ entrepreneurship/ innovation (based on his work at Goel Insights), or anything else. Please feel free to email Vijay.