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Principal, Vijay Goel, MD 

Vijay is a former McKinsey consultant and Principal at Goel Insights, a consulting and innovation firm.

After leaving McKinsey, Vijay found himself engaged in startup and client work that more than filled the day.  Clarity and well laid out information were even more important as the support infrastructure he was used to became less structured and trained.  The dilemma was a need to create even more as an individual while having fewer people trained in creating great presentations and a “spiky” workflow that made it hard to keep a trained person on hand.  Worse, he found that he was wasting a lot of time formatting and editing powerpoint– which was frustrating and a low value use of time.  What he needed was the same service he had before — and he needed it available on demand, so it would adjust to the spikes and valleys in his PPT workload.

Vijay found a group of former McKinsey Visual Graphics India designers who were trained in PPT slide production and who could help, overnight and at scale, produce a substantial number of slides for decks and capturing workshop output.  This service recreates the McKinsey Visual Graphics India model– dedicated graphics specialists who know how to format strategy/ consulting slides.

This service is focused on meeting the needs of experienced slide creators (e.g., former consultants, creative directors) used to having this type of support.  We focus on providing a reliable and scalable resource that helps increase the productivity of an individual or a larger team or organization.

For those who want more comprehensive help in telling the right story or creating the slides, Vijay offers the management consulting services of a former McKinsey Engagement Manager.

Please let Vijay know if you’d like to discuss outsourcing powerpoint production, help in creating the right story for your management team, health reform/ entrepreneurship/ innovation (based on his work at Goel Insights), or anything else. Please feel free to email at vijay @ outsourcedppt.com