Who Uses Outsourced PPT?

You may be looking at this wondering who outsources Powerpoint or how outsourcing powerpoint works?  Let’s start out by highlighting how OutsourcedPPT is different from other powerpoint firms:

  • Overnight turnaround
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Low rates
  • Graphics/ production services only (we tell your story the way you want to tell it)

This model is the outsourced model available at top consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, LEK, etc.  They already are familiar with the top 5 reasons to outsource PPT…they do it today.

So who can benefit from overnight, outsourced Powerpoint?

  • Management consultants:  You create a lot of slides.  You think in slides.  You’re there to tell a story.  You probably worked at a big firm where you drew slides and other people made them for you.  That model leverages your talents and makes you much more productive, by accelerating what you’re good at and removing the frustration of wrestling with software fixing formatting and changing slides to new templates.  Contact us and you’ll gain back hours of productive time to do the real work.
  • Investment bankers: Deals get done fast and they each need a pitch book in a different template with constantly changing charts and deal information.  You need more hours in the day– and our overnight service lets you get that time back by dropping off a deliverable in the evening and having that work completed for you by the next morning.  We know your time is valuable– let us help you keep it focused on the elements that require your unique skills.  Contact us to get a few more hours of precious sleep while getting the necessary work put together.
  • Strategic executives: You constantly have to get people aligned on new programs and new opportunities.  This means creating easy-to-understand presentations about big problems in short periods of time.  It needs to be crisp and to the point, but with enough details to align the organization.  Get back more time to think by outsourcing the grunt work: entering details into slides, getting pictures to look right, fixing formatting, transcribing the notes from brainstorming sessions.  Contact us and you’ll be able to spend time with your family and friends while your outsourced team is getting all the details into a presentation for you to look at in the morning.
  • Finance/ Analysts: Spend a lot of time updating graphs, charts, and other documentation?  Send your new data to our service and we can update your charts and graphs for you (or even change them from one type to another)…get past the mundane work and focus on the things that matter!
  • Executive assistants: Ever get handed paper versions of charts from your boss at the end of the day and told to put them in powerpoint?  Hate wrestling with the program and handling all the edits?  Why not hire someone who can make you look good by delivering high-quality produced slides for you the next morning?  Its more efficient and makes you much more effective!  Contact us to get a specialist who can help you get the job done right and allowing you to move on to more important things.