Independent Consultants

Are you an independent consultant who wants access to the tools/ resources available at a big strategy/ management consulting firm?

You know that your slides are key to branding your services and communicating the key messages to clients.  As an independent consultant, you may not have the same support staff and associates to take your key messages and turn them into crisp looking slides.  This may mean settling for default shapes that are only ok at getting your thoughts across.  It may also mean hours spent fidgeting with formatting, templates, limited stock shapes, and all the menial tasks of making your slides actually look good.  And doing it again for the next presentation due to new template, line-edits, data updates, etc.  Neither you nor your clients want your focus to be on slide production — and now it doesn’t have to be!


Now you can have access to Outsourced Overnight Powerpoint Production support just like consultants working in the big firms.

As a former McKinsey Engagement Manager, after I left the Firm I started to spend a lot of time making my own powerpoint. And frankly, I wasn’t as good at it, nor was I very efficient. I’ve contracted with a group of alumni from McKinsey’s Visual Graphics India (VGI) to create the same type of powerpoint service I had available at the Firm– faxing handdrawns or edits overnight and waking up to new powerpoint with which to start the day. The benefits of this team are:

  • Trained in sr. management presentation styles and formatting
  • Familiar with consulting frameworks such as Waterfall charts,
  • Invoice at a low hourly rate (e.g, $20/hr whenever you use them).  It’s an on-demand utility
  • Fast Overnight turnaround available–email/fax paper version at night and wake up to powerpoint in your inbox — no dealing with days to turnaround a simple deck
  • Hours of productivity returned to me.  I can spend this time on high value add client tasks or on having the time to spend with my family and build my business.


You know there’s a better way.  Let us show you how it works with our FREE TRIAL offer.

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